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Woman finds missing quilt memorializing late husband

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For many of us, a quilt provides more than warmth. They're passed down from generation to generation. Quilts are links to our history and reminders of our family and friends.

One quilt's value is immeasurable for a local woman, and it went missing.

She remembers her two-year marriage to her late husband Dan through pictures. But young mother Kathryn Cowen never thought she'd lose him all over again. "The few photos I have and the quilt I have with his clothes are the few things I have left," she says. "And I cherish all the memories I have."

The quilt was pieced together using Dan's clothes. Kathryn remembers the orange shirt he wore at Christmastime. She describes Dan as a man's man with an infectious laugh, someone she knew and loved for five years. She says it was extremely hard losing him.

Kathryn's family accidentally donated the quilt to Goodwill in Mayfield and, within a couple of days, someone else had already bought it.

Kathryn remarried and says she's lucky to have two loves in her life —starting a family with her husband Tim, who she says understands the difficulty of grieving as a young widow. She remembers how hard it was to lose her first love, saying "I wished it was me instead of Dan. Losing someone that close is very hard."

The quilt gives her a way to cherish his memory and appreciate all she has in the present.

Kathryn told me a woman in Bardwell contacted her Monday saying she has the quilt and wants to ship it to her. Kathryn hopes to drive to pick it up before the weekend.

Kathryn says her initial post was shared more than 300 times on Facebook.

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