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Fleming Furniture owners plan for future as customers wait for refunds

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The owners of Fleming Furniture are selling the property, but customers say they still haven't been reimbursed for furniture they never received. We first brought you this story earlier this month when customers were complaining about not getting their orders.

About five months after ordering furniture from Fleming, customers Kiesha Curry and Sheri Snell are tired of waiting.

"Frustrated, very frustrated," Curry said.

While Kiesha Curry received a reimbursement, her friend Sheri Snell says she has nothing, even after being given a receipt showing she was refunded.

"To me it's just unbelievable, everything is just unbelievable," Snell said.

She went back to the store, and they rang it through again. There was nothing in bank statements from June through August.

"Basically, I either have to get an attorney or keep pursuing to get my money back," Snell said.

Owner Dan Kelley says it's true that his store is struggling after a rough winter and the bankruptcy of one of his vendors.

"Quite frankly, we can't send out, you know, $10,000-worth in checks in one day," Kelley said when asked about these refunds that weren't received.

"Once we do that, and if they don't get it back, then the customer needs to contact credit card directly and do a protest for it," Kelley said.

He says now the store is focusing on its retirement sale and getting customers their money back.

"We've been taking care of our customers for 34 years, and we're not going to stop now as long as we're open," Kelley said.

Snell can't let this go until she gets her money.

"This is fraud. They lied to me," Snell said.

Kelley says the store has been working with consultants to help it get back on track. He says since getting the consultants, the store now getting furniture in faster to get it delivered to customers.

Kelley says he's gotten several offers on the store, so he's looking at options. He says some of the potential buyers are interested in keeping the business as a furniture store. The store will continue selling and delivering furniture until it's sold.

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