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Report cards look at Kentucky school districts performance

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Report cards are out looking at how your child's school and district are performing.

The report cards look at the 2014-2015 school year, showing information about each Kentucky school and district. Areas include test performance in different subjects, teacher qualifications, and parent involvement.

Signs were placed around Concord Elementary on Thursday, celebrating the school being labeled "distinguished" by Kentucky.

This was no surprise to parent Adrienne Yeager.

"It's amazing what our kids have done and how they've grown," said Yeager.

The school jumped up almost 90 spots from last year on the list of elementary schools in the state.

"That's very, very exciting, because a lot of effort and hard work went into those scores," said math teacher Christy Strohkirch.

Math scores for McCracken County elementary schools ranked seventh.

"We're shooting for at least one year of growth each year, even if they're a fifth grader working at an eighth grade math level," Strohkirch said.

Principal Ginger Hollowell says the school also changed up writing curriculum for students, doubling scores in writing.

While many schools are taking the time to celebrate, they say the work doesn't stop here. They say there's still a lot of room for growth.

"I'm constantly trying to research different ways to do that," Strohkirch said.

Strohkirch says it's about constantly motivating kids,

"You have to constantly be teaching up at a higher level," she said.

Getting them excited to learn.

Other top "distinguished" districts in our area include Marshall County and Calloway County. Murray Independent Schools got the top spot in this part of the state. Paducah Independent ranked the lowest in our area. Fulton and Carlyle County had lower scores.

For a complete break down of the district and school rankings, you can find the report cards online.

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