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Carbondale city manager steps down

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Carbondale City Manager Kevin Baity is stepping down. Carbondale City Manager Kevin Baity is stepping down.

A friendly departure —that's how Carbondale Mayor Mike Henry described the decision for City Manager Kevin Baity to step down. He says this decision is based on an evaluation of his progress completed by department heads and city council members. 

Henry assured everyone that the city of Carbondale will not be affected. He says the inconvenience will be on city leaders. An interim city manager has to be selected before a permanent replacement can be named. The council will hold two special sessions next week to conduct interviews.  

"We have started on many many things and we really need someone with a lot of vigor and a strong strong leader in city hall so that's what we're after," Henry said.

Henry told us those evaluations were conducted right after the search for the Carbondale police chief took place. Gary Williams will serve as acting city manager until an interim is named. 

Henry said it wasn't an easy decision. "It was difficult for me, personally, because I'm friends with Mr. Baity," Henry said. "But, were running the city like a business and that's what we're going to do."

The mayor also tells us right now it could be six months to find a permanent replacement. The city is still exploring all options in the hiring process.

Baity has held the office since Janurary 2012.

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