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Make-A-Wish sends a local boy to Disney World

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Three-year-old Zhandri Martin battles cystic fibrosis every day. It affects his lungs so much that he uses a machine to clear his airway twice a day.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is sending the Martin family on a six-day getaway to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The trip will begin when a limousine arrives at to pick the Martins up from their home and take them to the airport. The airfare, hotels, amusement park, food, and some shopping is all paid by the organization. Zhandri’s mom, Tamara Martin, says she’s thankful for what she calls the trip of a lifetime.

She says their days are usually filled battling cystic fibrosis. “It goes around an hour in the morning and around an hour-worth of treatment in the afternoon,” she said, adding that those are on good days.

“All they're really worried about is for you to take that week, (and) spend it with your family,” Martin said.

Martin says she’s hopeful about her son’s condition. She says medical technology has come so far already that she’s going to stay optimistic. Martin’s step-son also has cystic fibrosis. This will be her husband, Kenton’s, second Make-A-Wish trip. 

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