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Retired couple says solar panels could save you big

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A retired couple in southern Illinois uses the sun to help them save. Despite cloudy skies, Ed and Joanne Doerrs spent their day showcasing how solar panels save them big every month. Ed Doerrs says he hopes people left his home able to make the switch to solar. “Life can be easier life can be less expensive,” he said.

When Doerr built his 2,000 square foot Williamson County, Illinois home, he wanted to go beyond solar yard lights. “We live on social security 100%,” he added.

He says the warranty on the panels is for 25 years, but believes that will last much longer. And although overcast days like today mean less energy from the sun is being used, he says he rarely has to tap into the grid and use regular electric. “I don’t know why everyone isn’t using it,” Doerr says.

Doerr says his motivation was the environment and his wallet. “We want to be responsible for our power and the damage generating it costs and we don't want to be a part of that.” The Doerrs also use power generated by the panels to charge their electric car.

They were able to save on the installation because Ed installed it himself. “This system cost me $3500 to get off the grid. And the system grid tied that's in the shop cost me $1800,” he says.

There are grants and incentives that could offset some of the installation costs.

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