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Curveball at meeting postpones vote for city expansion

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A curveball at a city council meeting is postponing plans to expand the city.

Clinton, Kentucky, commissioners agreed to table the annexation of two areas Monday night.

Clinton officials estimated their city budget would grow by $40,769 if they annexed the Grubb sub division, Sublett subdivision, and the Highway 51 area to their city limits. A vote for the ordinances was scheduled for Monday.

Lawyers Jim Brien and Boyd Neely, representing a community member with several properties, brought up concerns before the council took a vote. They said the lavender line area in this map that shows areas previously annexed are not correct.

“If you're going to do it, do it right,” Brien said.

The lawyers say the surveyor the city hired tells them a different area is the correct previously annexed area. It’s a change Mayor Phyllis Campbell says was news to them.

“If we have to table the reading of the second ordinance tonight that will not be a problem,” Campbell said.

The lawyers also said every property owner in the proposed annexation areas was not contacted, which is required by law.

Campbell says they contacted everyone on the list provided by the property valuation administrator’s office. She says they'll check with the PVA office to not leave any owners out.

“All we have to do is retract and start over,” Campbell said.

The council agreed to table the Grubb sub division, and Highway 51 area, but removed the Sublett subdivision because of high city sewer maintenance costs.

Campbell says she will be contacting the city-hired surveyor about the map annexation discrepancies and will hopefully have more details at the next city council meeting.

Any annexed property would pay city taxes. Estimates show the annexation of the two remaining areas would add about $38,339 to the city's budget.

The mayor says it could be the first of the year before these two areas are brought up for an annexation vote again.

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