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Jack Conway speaks about job growth during Paducah visit

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Democrat candidate for governor and Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway took a tour of Paducah's James Marine Thursday afternoon. 

He spoke to workers about his plan to ensure open jobs get filled by a trained work force.

Conway says community and technical schools need to make sure they're providing the right training, but it starts with counseling 11th and 12th graders.

"We call it our Kentucky Plan program, so students can make informed choices about —Do they want to perhaps become involved in skilled manufacturing?" Conway said.

During the visit, questions Conway was asked include:

- What can the governor do to increase the use of the rivers for transportation?
- Describe your workforce development plan.
- Some folks in this part of the state seem forgotten. What can you do for western Kentucky?
- How can the responsibilities of the chief law enforcement official transfer to the governor's office?

To hear more from Conway's visit, watch the video above. 

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