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Union City police investigating BB gun vandalism

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At Union City's Nix-A-Mite Exterminators, employee Peggy Mathenia isn't dealing with a bug infestation, but something she says is worse.

"It's vandalism to your business," she told Local 6.

A week ago she noticed a blown out storefront window with two holes from what police believe are BB pellets. Aside from the frustration are the financial costs of replacing the glass. At $400 a piece, Mathenia believes small business owners are paying a steep price. "Businesses are hurting when they get things like this done to them," Mathenia said.

Many of the six business owners who have experienced a blown out window or door will likely pay out-of-pocket because their insurance deductible is higher than the out-of-pocket expenses.  

"It's not just a kids having a laugh. It's a vandal," said Jeff Allen. He is the co-owner of Fear Factory on 1st Street.

He said his building was targeted on two separate occasions within two weeks. He's since replaced the windows. Police say vehicles were also shot. Even though they don't know who's doing it, Allen believes it's teenagers pulling a costly prank.

"We have kids just like every other town that are out on the streets not at home when they should be," he said. 

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