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Twitter unveils Moments feature

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According to Twitter, there are around 316 million monthly active accounts. That's good enough to only rank 10th among social networks. Facebook has around 1.5 billion. 

The network isn't growing much either, leading many to conclude it has plateaued. 

So, the social network is stoking its fire, introducing Moments, a feature that curates trending topics and makes it easier, particularly for casual users, to follow.

The trending topics are updated daily.

Moments shows up automatically if you're using Twitter on a computer. You'll need to install the latest update to use it on your phone.

Clearly, Twitter hopes the addition of Moments will attract new members and lure back some users who haven't opened the app in some time.

But, for a company that gets so much media attention, it's got to be frustrating for Twitter to see it's growth slow down while growth in other social networks continues to move right along.

Facebook's growth has slowed down too, but saturation is likely the cause of that, as there are four times more active Facebook users than on Twitter.

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