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75-year-old man and his dog recovering after being attacked by neighborhood dog

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Diesel Diesel
Umpa Umpa

In McCracken County, 75-year-old Herbert Brown was bitten when trying to save his dachshund from another dog that came into his yard. Brown and his dog are recovering.  A sheriff's deputy shot and killed the dog that attacked them. 

Umpa the dachshund is more than a pet to Brown.  

"She's my baby," Brown said. 

Now, he's in a hospital room with stitches because of what he did to save her.

"Sometimes you just don't think. You want to protect your family," Brown said.

It all happened Sunday when Brown was in his garage with Umpa nearby. He says two American Staffordshire Terrier's came into his yard. 

"As soon as they see my dog, it was like woom. He moved so fast, I didn't have time to pick her up," Brown said.

Brown says one of the dogs grabbed Umpa by the neck, and started shaking her. Neighbor Terry Hines witnessed it all.

"Pappy jumped on top of his dog like that, and the dog grabbed his arm," Hines said about Brown.

Hines said he had no choice but to grab a piece of wood and start hitting the dog.

"I hit him in the head a little bit. That dog wasn't letting loose," Hines said.

Eventually the dog did let loose. But the McCracken County Sheriff's Department says when it got aggressive toward a deputy, he was forced to shoot it.

"He's never been aggressive to anyone or anything. This is actually one of the most submissive dogs I've ever owned," said the dog's owner, Steve Snow.

Snow says his dog, Diesel, was not a vicious animal, and his family is dealing with a big loss.

"We've lost a family member, a family pet," Snow said.

Snow says Diesel escaped through a gate in his yard when he was not home. Deputies say the goal was to catch Diesel humanely but, because it was aggressive and had already injured a person, the dog had to be shot.

Under state law, anyone can kill a dog that is attacking them or anyone else.

The dachshund got out of the animal hospital on Tuesday. Neighbors say the other terrier did not attack anyone, and is in his owner's custody.

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