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Evictions canceled for former Delta Center tenants

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A last-minute deal will keep a roof over the heads of some Alexander County, Illinois, families.

In September, an eviction letter was sent to the tenants of the Stenger Apartments and Delta Terrace telling them they had until the end of the month to get out because Delta Center, which owned the buildings, was closing due to lack of state funding.

Those evictions never took place.

"I started packing everything in some bags, trying to help whoever was going to get us out of here," said Delta Terrace tenant Barbara Hurt.

The closure of Delta Center left many lives in jeopardy. 

With just two weeks' notice given prior to their eviction, Hurt says she was afraid she and dozens of her neighbors would end up in the streets of Cairo, Illinois. Jeremy Yost of Yost Management says he couldn't allow that to happen.

"When it comes down to it, we don't ever want to see anybody left out there...where they wouldn't have any place to go," said Yost.

Working with HUD and Illinois Housing Development Authority, Yost took control of the Stenger Apartments and Delta Terrace Monday, filling work orders as needed.

"This is a blessing,” said Hurt. “Thank god."

While the details of the deal are still being finalized, Yost says people living in Delta Terrace and Stenger Apartments will have homes for the holidays.

Tenants at Stenger Apartments and Delta Terrace are low income and must have a documented disability and, for the time being, Family Counseling Center will provide needed counseling.

However, Family Counseling Center is facing budget restrictions of their own, as they work with the banks to try and extend their line of credit.

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