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A look at low local gas prices

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We're seeing gas prices we haven't seen in a decade. AAA reports the national average price for gas in $2.20 per gallon.

That's more than 80 cents lower than the average price this time last year.

Tennessee has the lowest average in our area at $1.95 a gallon, followed by Missouri at $2.08. Kentucky's average is one cent higher, and Illinois has the highest average in the local six area at $2.36.

Locally, the cheapest price for gas in Paducah is $1.88 per gallon at the Fivestar on Clarks River Road. In Carbondale, $2.09 at the Egyptian Corner and Hooka Café on Main Street is the cheapest price.

You can get gas for $1.91 at the Casey's on Skyhawk Parkway in Martin, Tennessee. And Santi Wholesale Oil on Larcel Drive is selling the cheapest gas in Sikeston, Missouri, at $2.10.

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