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Beshear announces transportation plans for Calvert City

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Two new projects were announced Monday that will happen near Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park.

Governor Steve Beshear made the announcement in Calvert City on Monday afternoon. 

An about $1 million project will enhance and beautify U.S. 62 and its interchange with Interstate 24 and I-69. The other around $3.75 million project involves a 1.5 mile biking-walking path from the interchange to the entrance of Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park. The entryway will also have a boulevard and landscaped median leading out of it.     

Governor Beshear says this will help enhance tourism in the area which he says is the 3rd largest industry in the state.

"Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park is one of our premiere state parks and it attracts thousands of thousands tourists every year. We're going to have even more tourists coming here with the new bridges we are putting in over Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley and a lot of our amenities that are happening in western Kentucky. We need to improve the entrance into the park to attract more people into it, to make it more pleasing to the eye," Beshear said.

Jerry Sykes and his friends came early to sit at the front of  the governor's announcement. He said he likes to listen in on any opportunity that could give his grandchildren a better future.

 "I am so happy my children will have the opportunity and grandchildren to live here in western Kentucky, and look for the opportunities the governor has provided for them," Sykes said.

Both projects are being funded by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and should start within six months. 

Calvert City is partnering with the state to construct the biking and walking path. The city's long term plan is to eventually connect that path to one they'll build going into the city.

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