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East Marshall Fire Department gets new fire boat

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The East Marshall Fire Department paid $240,000 in tax payer dollars to buy a new fire boat. Firefighters say it's a need, because it will cover at least 30 miles of shoreline on the Kentucky Lake alone, along with fighting fires on other area waterways. It will be one of three that will serve the lakes area.

Boat after boat after boat, more than 200 are docked at Moors Marina. Moors Owner Mark Wood says a fire in these tight quarters spreads rapidly 

"It's the most helpless thing you can witness," Wood said.

In order to protect these waters, the East Marshall Fire Department had the boat custom made, helping firefighters like Lt. Lee 
Thistlethwaite get the job done.

"Three people can run this entire boat all day long without any stress or strain," said Thistlethwaite

Features that make the boat different from others include a cabin that keeps firefighters safe and dry and a nozzle controlled by a remote control.

"Not only are we protecting every boat owner in this county but, if you look in the marina, a lot of them are owned by people in different states," Thistlethwaite said.

The boat replaced a 15-year-old boat in need of repairs. Chief Bill Johnson says a boat is crucial in for stopping fires on a dock.

"The only way you can get past it is with a boat," Johnson said.

The boat gives Wood relief, knowing he has extra help protecting his marina.

Currently, Aurora Fire has a fire boat that helps east Marshall cover this area. Calloway County fire is buying the old boat and plans to pay for the needed repairs. That will make a total of three boats patrolling the lakes area. The boat can be used on all west Kentucky waterways. Firefighters say it can be used to put out marina fires, brush fires, conduct search and rescue and even put out house fires in the lakes area. 

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