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Marshall County judge executive candidates talk about the issues

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One week from Election Day, Melonie Chambers is at the office. After working 32 years in the judge executive’s office, she says she knows she would have big shoes to fill if elected.

“I want to give back to the community that has given me so much,” Chambers said.

Chambers has already started making plans for the taxes that will come now that the county is wet. She hopes the revenue will help offset some of the costs the county has to help the sheriff’s office with concerning their payroll.

Chambers says the alcohol issue isn’t a party issue. It’s already dictated by the state. But she says there are differences between her and her Republican opponent, Kevin Neal.

She says her experience with working with government and state officials will benefit the people of Marshall County. “”He has no experience in county government. He is a very nice fellow. Don't get me wrong,” Chambers said.

Neal says he’s running for judge executive again, not because things in Marshall County are going wrong, but because he believes he could do a better job. “We spend too much time with the parties,” he said.

He says his lack of county government experience is an advantage, and leadership should be changed out often. “I've been exposed to leadership situations all over the world —different environment law-enforcement, military,” Neal said.

Even though there are more than 10,000 more Democratic voters in Marshall County than Republican, Neal says he’s still hopeful. He wants people to see his military and police experience and know that he will serve everyone, not just his party affiliation. He says he’s ready to handle new issues, like becoming work-ready certified and the new wet vote. 

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