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Weakley County, Tenn., Sheriff's Department warns of phone scam

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The Weakley County, Tennessee, Sheriff's Department says folks there should be aware of a phone scam in which the caller claims to be with the Weakley County Electric Company. 

The sheriff's department says several residents have received calls claiming to be from the company. The scam caller claims a survey flyer was sent about billing evaluation and, because the resident did not answer a questionnaire, they owe $750. The caller claims the money must be paid in 30 minutes or the electricity will be cut off. The caller wants the resident to send the money via wire transfer from a local business.

The sheriff's department says the electric company will never call you about your bill; they notify you via mail. It also notes that the company does not accept wire transfers.

If you receive a call like this, the sheriff's department advises that you do not give out any personal information, and simply hang up the phone. If you think you do owe money on your electric bill, you can call the Weakley County Electric Company.

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