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Marshall County, state open application process for alcohol sales

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Making money hasn't been easy in recent years for The Brass Lantern owner Bertha Wilson. She's still trying to get people in seats after the Eggners Ferry Bridge incident in early 2012.

"Nobody wants to lose money. Everybody wants to make money. That basically cut off all of our travel, all of our customers from Cadiz or Hopkinsville," Wilson told Local 6.

Years later, she said things are slowly turning around. It's her hope that, by adding alcohol to the menu, she'll get more people coming through the doors and staying.

"We've actually had people walk in before and say, 'Do you serve liquor?' When we tell them no, they will leave," she said.

Business owners who want an alcohol license must advertise their intent in the newspaper. Marshall County Administrator Wendy Baxter said that process is keeping her busy. "There are days we have so many phone calls that we can't even get to them all," Baxter said.

The state officially opened the process last week. Baxter said there is so much interest, she has a file cabinet full of applicants. "A lot people are nervous about it. They've crossed all their Ts, dotted all their Is but, at the same token, they are really nervous and trying to make sure they got it done perfectly," she said.

Wilson already posted her ad in the paper and looks to begin selling alcohol next year. That's something the previous owners pushed for but never got.

"That was one of the things that kind of led us to purchase the restaurant," Wilson said.

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