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Man who weighs 700 pounds is out of hospital

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A man who weighs 700 pounds is out of the hospital and adjusting to life back home.

When we first brought you James King's story, he hadn't left a hospital bed at Baptist Health in Paducah for almost a month. About two months later, he's using in-home care, and an out-of state-doctor has offered to take on his case.

As he watches the world from the window of his home, King's mind is somewhere else.

"I look outside dreaming. I want to go out there, but it don't happen," King said. "I see myself on my feet, driving, being normal."

He's home for the first time in months, but he still feels trapped.

"I sit here thinking about things too much. I get so depressed it just tears me apart," King said. 

He was 768 pounds when we first met him, and he says he lost about 60 in the hospital. Keeping it off takes work.

"There's days I cry and I just want to throw in the towel," said his girlfriend Lisa Raisor.

Raisor says her and her daughter are the ones caring for him most.

"I've got to see him get on his feet, otherwise he's going to die," Raisor said.

She says she keeps him on track, taking care of his daily needs, doing exercises a few times a day and keeping him on a diet.

He says he's still following the same diet he was on while in the hospital. It includes healthy foods like chicken, vegetables and fish.

"It's not like I'm laying here not caring, because I do," King said.

Some hope has come now that an out of state doctor has offered to help, but there's still a lot of details to be worked out. For now he keeps watching and dreaming.

King also has nurses come to his home, and he's working with a local physician. That's all paid through Medicaid, and Baptist Health paid for the bed he's using from home. A spokeswoman for Baptist Health says King's insurance was not paying it for his care because he didn't have a condition to warrant a stay.

Again, King has found a doctor out of state who offered to help. King is trying to raise money to see the doctor. A GoFundMe is set up if you'd like to help. 

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