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Remembering an underwater town in Marshall County, Kentucky

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About 600 people in Marshall County, Kentucky were told to leave their homes 77 years ago. The town was flooded during the construction of the Kentucky Dam.

Although the town has been underwater for decades and George Locker has no memory of the town, he puts on a reunion every year in memory of his dad. “I wanted people to know that Birmingham still existed,” he said.

Locker says the group is getting smaller due to age, but it’s nice for them and their families to come and talk about the town that was. 89-year-old Jackie Bohannon says she was just 16 when her family made the move. “For my mom and my dad that was their home they had been there all their life. But for me are young person I was just wanted to get out to a new place,” Bohannon added.

It’s a distant memory for some. “All I remember is where we lived, the church that I went to, and the school,” Bohannon says.

“I had a man tell me one time he goes out there and goes fishing just because he feels like he’s going back to you know home in a way,” Locker said. It’s more than enjoying lunch with a few old friends, its paying homage to Birmingham.

To make a contribution to keep-up the Birmingham Cemetery, you can make contributions:

Birmingham Cemetery Fund

C/O Mrs. Thressa Cotham

903 Main Street

Benton, KY 42025

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