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Students and staff at community college train to prevent sexual assaults

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Local community college students are taking a pledge to make the community safer. West Kentucky Community and Technical College is joining 16 other colleges across the state in a campaign to prevent sexual assaults. Now, all faculty, staff and students are asked to complete an online training.

WKCTC student Georgiana Roberts wants to make a difference.

"We're not just going to stand there and know someone's in danger and do nothing," Roberts said.

She is the president of the college's student government. She's leading a campaign to get students to learn more about preventing sexual assaults and helping victims.

"It gives students the ability to realize and take ownership, and they do have a voice," Roberts said.

All students and staff are being asked to complete an online training on how to handle a situation where someone has been sexually assaulted —something Roberts says many students are unsure of.

"There is a lot. You don't know how to react, so you just do nothing," she said.

"Whether it be on the college campus or in a parking lot or anywhere, it can happen," said Kentucky Community and Technical College System's president Jay Box.

Box says all 16 schools in the college system are taking part in the campaign.

"There has been, recently, more sexual violence activities on college campuses, and it's time for us to do something about it," Box said.

Roberts says her main goal is to show students they have a support system.

"It gives them a sense that we, as students and faculty and staff, are on their side," she said.

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