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Space heater causes fire in church nursery

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Mayfield's Fire Chief Randy Henson says a space heater started a fire at Northside Baptist church Sunday morning.

The nursery, with no one inside, caught fire just before 8 Sunday morning. Pastor Monte Hodge says he's thankful the fire happened when only a few people were at church.

“Our praise and worship team was here practicing, getting ready for our services. Fortunately, one of those individuals came in late, saw smoke coming down the hallway and went and told the other individuals and they set off the fire alarm,” Hodges said.

Even though the fire was contained to one room, school at Northside Baptist is cancelled Monday, because of toxic fumes coming from that room.

“One of our men actually took a fire extinguisher and went into the room and extinguished the blaze,” Hodges said.

Hodges says that man went to a hospital for smoke inhalation, and is okay. No one else was affected by the fire.

“The ceilings are all melted and laying on the floor. All of the lights are burnt the cabinets are all charred," Hodges said.

Fire trucks were still at the church as members started arriving for service. So, Hodges asked them to meet in the gym.

“Probably a hundred or so and we just prayed for God's wisdom and God to help us go through this,” Hodges said.

Crews helped put out the fire for about 2 hours.

“Small amount of damage, but at the same time a lot of cleanup,” Hodges said.

Chief Henson says this incident is a good reminder to always turn off your space heater and never leave it unattended. 

Aside from the church’s school, all other activities will continue as planned.

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