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What the Tech: Watching you on web cams

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If someone was peaking through your window, watching you, you would probably know it and call police. Americans cyber-snoops are getting a lot closer and no one knows.

The web camera you're using on your computer and security cams you may have around the house could potentially give a cyber-spy a clear view of you and your home.

On websites thousands of web cameras are streaming around the clock.

"For those who choose to connect to their air conditioner via cellphone, or their home security system via a cellphone, you have just added another layer of vulnerability that is very real," said Cyber Security Consultant Patty Anderson.

How are cyber-snoops doing this? It's simple. Home wi-fi and security cameras are tied to the Internet. People who install them often use the default username and password.

Once a cyber-stalker finds your camera, it takes seconds to connect to it. As more and more smart homes go online, more cameras will likely be streamed, even posted to YouTube. 

"People see it an an advantage and convenience, when really, it's a huge vulnerability. It puts you in a precarious position," said Anderson.

What can you do? Change your passwords regularly and never use the default passwords on anything. 

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