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Graves County school district moves forward with construction projects

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The district's draft plan, which is almost three inches thick, has the support from Graves County Superintendent Kim Dublin.

"I want to work diligently to get some of these needs met," Dublin told Local 6.

The list is quite extensive, but there's nothing Dublin said that can't be met. "In the summer, we had an architect come through and assess our facilities and then prioritize the needs as far as the structures and things that needed to be done," she said.

Major renovations include almost $7 million for new lighting, plumbing and sprinklers at Graves County High School and almost $4 million for repairs in the roof and windows at Farmington Elementary.

One of the top priorities for the district is rehabilitation work at Lowes Elementary. Chris Oliver graduated from the school in 1985. He wants to keep it in tip-top shape. "Everything is going for Lowes If Lowes school goes and the post office goes, Lowes is gone," Oliver said.

Dublin wants to spend $6 million on asbestos abatement, replacing gym bleachers and flooring, expanding the parking lot and replacing windows at Lowes.  She said it will take commitment and patience.

"I want to approach these top needs first and, as funds become available, then some of those other projects could fall into line," she said.

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