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Big changes proposed to Murray State's tuition

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Proposed tuition changes could affect incoming freshman next year at Murray State University.

The proposal involves implementing a percentage-based scholarship program and charging students extra for taking more than 15 hours. It involves a flat rate up to $4,200 for taking between 12 and 15 hours. Any hour above that will be half the price per hour at $175. Adrianne King, vice-president of marketing and outreach for MSU, says the scholarship program is worth it.

Wes Sellars is a freshman history major at Murray State. He’ll be the second Racer graduate in his family. He says, so far, it’s been wonderful. He’s just not sure about this new tuition-scholarship change. "I'm concerned about how my aid is going to cover that. How many loans am I going to have to take out to help with that,” Sellars said.

King says he has nothing to worry about. Current student wouldn’t be affected. If this proposed model passes, current students at Murray State University will have six years to complete their degrees under the old model.

The extra revenue, King says, will go towards hiring faculty and upgrading technology.

“I think we all know that the cost of higher education is going up around the country,” King added.

Wendy Watts helps high school students at McCracken County High School apply for college. She thinks this increase is a trend that probably won’t hurt Murray State. 

For Sellars, he’s not convinced just yet. Is it practical for all students to have to bear that burden? “I don't know,” he said.

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