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What the Tech: High Cost of Free Apps

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You may want to wait before downloading that free app. Some of the most popular apps in both app stores are stealing information are sharing it with companies you don't know about.

It's always been difficult to get an app approved for Apple's app store. Developers must prove there is nothing in those apps that would compromise security for Apple's eco-system and its user.

The Google Play store on the other hand has been open to any developer, though its recently started reviewing apps before they're listed.

Some free apps share a user's information with other companies. Flashlights, some camera apps, and many adult-apps can access the internet, using the phone's GPS, and share any user data with 3rd party apps.

What can you do? Only download apps directly from Apple or Google and look at what these apps want to take from you before downloading them. Read over the permissions they ask for, before you install it.

Apple has removed more than 250 apps from its app store after finding they collected private data such as e-mail addresses. Those apps have over a million downloads.

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