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New equipment could increase safety, help police respond more quickly to danger

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Events like the Barbeque on the River and the Quilt Show has law enforcement working in overdrive. Which is why the Paducah Police Department is wanting to put eyes in the sky with a mobile surveillance system.

David White, assistant chief of support services, says the department was awarded a $37,000 grant to help pay for the $50,000 machine.

"It just allows us to protect those large groups of people," says White.

Along with the mobile surveillance system, the Paducah Police Department is looking at upgrading a portion of its fleet with SUVs..

"They're going to add to our operational efficiency and effectiveness," says Brian Krueger, assistant chief of the operations divisions.

Krueger says the department has 10 cruisers that are reaching the end of the road and replacing them with SUVs could be a safer option for officers.

"Gives us better visibility," says Krueger.

Because officers will be higher up and if we were to get hit by another big snow storm, the all-wheel drive option makes it bit easier to get around on the roads.

"The police vehicles, the majority of them that we have are only rear-wheel drive and obviously it's more difficult to operate them in those conditions," says Krueger.

An SUV also has more space inside.

"Officers have a lot of equipment that they're required to carry," says Krueger.

Equipment that could help protect your family. Krueger says, the current cruisers aren't big enough to hold it all, but an SUV is.

The city hasn't purchased these items, yet. Commissioners will meet on November 24 to read the bids placed for the police pursuit SUVs. If a bid is accepted, some of the old police cruisers will be sold at auction and that money will be put back into the operating budget.

The city is still accepting bids for the mobile surveillance system until December 2.

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