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Community members try to come up with solutions to improve public transportation

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People are voicing concerns about a lack of public transportation in Paducah.

We first brought you a look into the bus system last week, and it's how it's not reliable for you if you work an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. shift. An area group is trying to improve public transit with some help from the community.

Paducah's bus system was designed for a rural community to take people to government offices or appointments.

"It was never really designed to transport people to and from jobs," said All Good Media owner Karen Hammond.

As the owner of a local business, Hammond says it's time for that to change.

"I've had employees literally who've had to quit work, because they don't own a vehicle," Hammond said.

She worked with Brandi Harless with the group Progress Paducah to plan a meeting that was held Tuesday night to get the community's input on transportation in the city.

"Lets talk about the problems, but lets don't beat them until they're a dead horse. Let's actually talk about the solutions after that," Harless said.

Hammond and Progress Paducah are asking the community to get involved. They passed around a survey at the meeting asking people for their comments or ideas for solutions.

"What time of day do you need service?" said Paducah Area Transit Executive Director Arthur Boykin.

Boykin says people need to let him know the answer to questions like this. He said it's a matter of funding and getting the public's input to figure out where services can be improved.

"They don't have resources to provide bus routes that the city is growing and needs," Hammond added.

She says the meeting could be the beginning of some solutions.

Solutions people at the meeting suggested include better education on how the city's bus system works, actual bus stops or an app that lets passengers track the bus. The transit system already receives money from the city and state. Boykin has reached out to the county to get some funding to make improvements.

Progress Paducah says the best thing to do is to reach out to local leaders, different city committees and PATS to share your thoughts. The goal of Tuesday's meeting was to get that conversation started.

A list is posted on Progress Paducah's facebook page with six different ways people can get involved in transportation issues in Paducah.

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