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NRC releases findings of August chemical leak at Honeywell

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The August chemical leak at Honeywell happened 250 feet from Nancy Carrell's front door.

Thursday night she got to hear for the first time what happened. She believes it won't be the last meeting. "I can't understand why they're having so much problems out there," Carrell said. 

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says there were two violations from the incident in August. But, none of them were deemed "severe."

"We want to make sure that they completely understand what happened and we understand what happened," said NRC spokesperson Roger Hannah.

He said Honeywell improperly issued a "shelter in place" notice because the leak was not severe enough and posed no harm to the public. The second violation centered around pipe maintenance and pressure buildup that escaped through an open valve.

"It would be like if you had something — a pipe in your house — and you had a valve that you could shut it off at one end, and you didn't do that, and you opened the other end. You'd have water or whatever coming out of that pipe," Hannah explained. 

While Carrell received answers, she said she will always have questions. "I have plans to talk to someone next week from Honeywell," she said. 

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