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Report: County attorneys overpaid by more than $140,000

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For 18 years in McCracken County, a financial report reveals, two former county attorneys were overpaid by more than $143,000 in taxpayer funds. Judge Executive Bob Leeper said those over-payments needed to be looked at and corrected.

"(It) gives us some solid confirmation, that an accountant looked at the figures we had and made a determination that these are valid," Leeper told Local 6's Robert Bradfield.

The report, produced by an accounting firm hired by the county, shows Dan Boaz earned an extra $73,000 from 1997 to 2008.  His successor, Mike Murphy, was overpaid $70,000 from 2009 to 2014.

The salaries of county attorneys are paid by a combination from the county and the state, with the state outlining the maximum salary. Along the way, Leeper said there were miscalculations.

"That space in between those two items caused an oversight, if you will, of the payments to county attorneys over a number of years," he said. 

Once Leeper noticed the discrepancies, the salary of current County Attorney Sam Clymer was reduced to be in line with state and county guidelines. Leeper said it's an unfortunate conversation to have, but one the taxpayers are owed.

"Anytime we can clarify the use of taxpayer's money and get it straightened out, especially in a situation like this — both gentlemen want to do the right thing — it makes it easier," Leeper said. 

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