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Grocery store owner disagrees with wet vote despite sales increase

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Business is booming for a couple of stores in Marshall County, Kentucky since they began selling alcohol on Thursday. Jerrie Bigler, owner of Brewers Grocery, says she never wanted the county to be wet.

She says, “the burgers are still better than the beer.” We didn't want it and don't ask me what changed our minds, but we did,” Bigler added.

Since Thursday, she’s seen an increase in revenue and it’s because of the beer. Bigler says alcoholism runs in her family, which is she voted ‘no’ in July. “In my mind, I didn't want to make it easier for them,” Bigler commented.

She says it was a couple of weeks after the special election that she and her husband decided to sell beer. They were 1 of 2 businesses to get a license on Thursday. The other was Baits-N-More in Aurora.

Bigler says they’ve seen a lot of new customers, some coming from Graves County.

It’s the loyal customers, enjoying the home cooked lunch and friendly service that Bigler says has kept her business going for more than 11 years. Although sales are up, Bigler says she still doesn’t really see any good in Marshall County going wet.

Sales are also affecting store hours. Brewers will be open later on Thanksgiving, giving locals an opportunity to buy alcohol in Benton for the first time in decades. 

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