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What the Tech: How to keep your money safe while shopping online

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With Black Friday sales already underway online, you may already be doing your Christmas shopping and cyber-thieves are counting on it.

Over 30% of people say they'll make purchases using their smartphones and that is great news for cyber pick-pockets.

Here's what you should do before hitting the buy button.

Download and shop from a trusted retailer's app. Entering a credit card into any account on a mobile browser can be risky. So can making purchases through a third-party app. Those apps often share information with other companies.

Make sure your mobile device system is up to date and update all those apps too. Many updates will fix any security bugs.

Don't buy anything unless you're sure you're on a secure wireless network. Public wi-fi, like those in stores and restaurants may be ok, but thieves can use mobile hotspots to snoop on your phone.

Change your password before you go shopping and set a passcode for your phone.

Use credit cards or debit cards. Credit cards protect consumers through banks and retailer. Or use a pre-paid gift card. It'll help you stay on budget and if someone hacks it, they can only get what's on the card, not drain your bank account.

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