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Man pulled out of burning building in Aurora, Ky., in critical condition

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We have new information about the man pulled out of a burning building in Aurora, Kentucky, Sunday.

Kody Pickard, 22, is in critical condition at a Nashville hospital.

He was inside the main office building at Lakeland Resort when it caught fire around 1 a.m. on Sunday.

His dad told WPSD that Kody is hooked up to a breathing machine that's helping clear the soot from his lungs.

The state fire marshal was at the scene investigating on Monday. He says he's not sure what caused the fire, but he believes it started in the back of the building.

Dave Freeman says he and his business partner, Jason Pickard, purchased Lakeland Resort just 10 days ago. He says they left Kody alone to manage the place while they went up north to grab a few more things for the business. It was during that time that the structure caught fire.

"We were looking to come down here, and retire down here, and make a life down here, and it's not a real good start," says Freeman. "We're hoping Kody pulls through, and gets better, and is able to help us out."

Freeman says they had about $15,000 in savings they were planning to use on updating the entire facility. That money will now be used to rebuild the main office.

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