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Police looking for suspects accused of stealing from local Walmarts

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Police are looking for three people accused of stealing from three Walmarts in the Local 6 area.

The Anna Police Department says the Walmart at 300 Leigh Avenue in Anna, Illinois was robbed on November 18th.

Video captured two men and a woman entering the store.

As the woman was checking out at a register, one of the men opened a cash register drawer and removed the cash inside.

The other man stood in a position so that the cashier couldn't see what was happening.

The man was able to get into the register drawer with a key. 

Approximately $1,500 was taken from the register.

During the investigation, Anna police learned that similar thefts occurred on the same day at a Walmart in Princeton, Kentucky and Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

The Princeton Walmart lost approximately $1,000. The Cape Girardeau Walmart lost approximately $1,600.

Anyone with information on the thefts or the people pictured is asked to call Detective Bryan Watkins at the Anna Police Department at (618) 833-8571 ext. 1503.

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