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Volunteers wake up early on Thanksgiving ready to serve

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While you're at home on Thanksgiving, Martha Bell is spending the day making sure hundreds of people have a hot meal.

She does this though a community kitchen called Martha's Vineyard, but she can't do it alone.

On Thursday, volunteers at Martha's Vineyard in Paducah pack the kitchen to prepare a Thanksgiving feast.

"We have a good time," says Sandy McEwen.

Already done cooking for her own family, Sandy McEwen spends Thursday morning preparing food for strangers.

"It starts my day off right," says McEwen. "I just love serving people and it just gives me a good feeling."

She's volunteered in this kitchen for more than 20 years and says it's always a surprise to see the number of kids who wake up early to help out.

"These teenagers coming here volunteering their time and are just eager to work," says McEwen.

Like 13-year-old Max Thompson.

"When I think of Thanksgiving, I think everybody should have Thanksgiving including homeless people," says Max Thompson.

An experience he gets to share with his dad, Keith Thompson.

"Very proud of him. He enjoys this very much," says Keith Thompson.

A passion for helping others.

"Knowing that somebody will have a place to go on Thanksgiving," says McEwen.

It's what keeps McEwen coming back year after year.

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