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Long lines, deep discounts at stores for Thanksgiving shoppers

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Over the years, Thanksgiving has signaled the start of the holiday shopping season and for people like Frances Caison that means finding the perfect gifts at the perfect price.

"It's crowded.  Long lines and a lot of good deals," Caison told Local 6.

She shopped at JCPenney but wasn't willing to wait in line at Best Buy.  "That line is too long.  I'm fixing to get ready to get in the car," she said with a smile. 

The line was also too long for Cathy Hunt who wasn't willing to wait in two lines.  "Because I waited an hour in JCPenney to pay for the stuff I had," Hunt said. 

She waited outside as her daughter and granddaughter shopped inside.  Hunt doesn't mind shopping on Thanksgiving if it means finding deep discounts.  "I mean we got a lot of good bargains standing in line at JCPenney," Hunt told Local 6's Robert Bradfield.

Waiting in line is often half the battle.  For Caison, a trip to the mall also means a break from family - which she also enjoyed.

"Sometimes you might need to get away from family for a minute and shopping might do the trick," Caison laughed. 

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