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Black Friday getting a little less crazy

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Will you be waiting in line for deals this holiday weekend? Well, 136 million Americans are expected to do just that.

The early numbers aren't in yet on just how many people shopped on Thanksgiving but, because of that, Black Friday is getting a little less crazy.

Carolyn Luecke didn't start shopping until about 5 a.m.: a typical time for this Black Friday veteran.

However, this year she says it was much more relaxing than in the past.

"Well, you can just move around better, and the lines aren't as long when you get ready to check out," says Luecke. "We have stood in line way back to the end of the store to check out before. So, this is better."

Like many shoppers we spoke with, Luecke says she's not paying attention to how much money she spends, but rather how much she saves.

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