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Black Friday shopping becoming a family tradition

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Spending time with the family doesn't have to stop at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

With Black Friday growing in popularity each year, some people are turning their shopping trip into a family tradition.

Sore feet and lack of sleep aren't stopping Joan Little and her daughter, Jennifer Gilbert, from getting the best deals. They are what you call Black Friday experts. Tackling deals for more than 15 years, they've got a few tricks up their sleeves.

"If you wait 'til midnight, there's no lines anywhere," says Gilbert.

For 15-year-old Emily Newsome, the best part about Black Friday shopping is that "you get to stay up all night and spend time with your family."

Who can complain when mom offers to pick up the tab?

"Who wants to keep count of that," says Newsome. "Just spend!"

The easiest part about Black Friday shopping is shopping. The hard part is trying to get it all to fit in your car.

If you're a serious shopper like Heather Glover, it's never a bad idea to have someone like Daniel Glover tag along.

"I just carry the bags," says Daniel.

"That's why we bring him," says Heather.

It's the same reason why Joan Little loves shopping with her daughter.

"She'll carry my packages," says Little.

Because that's what families are for.

If you haven't done your Black Friday shopping yet, there's still plenty of time. Many stores are extending their hours for those of you who are night-owls.

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