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What the Tech: Holiday shopping apps and websites

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For the first time ever, the majority of shopping this holiday season will be on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Shopping apps are a dime a dozen in both the Apple and Google app stores. They do pretty much the same thing, but according to Jamey Tucker, the best shopping app of them all is Slick Deals.

The first thing that sets this app apart is the layout and interface. The second thing is the rest of the community of around 8 million other people using the app.

As those savvy shoppers find deals, they share them with everyone else using the app. Looking for a deal on something, ask. You may get an answer from someone who found an online coupon or a better deal than you've seen yourself.

If you do shop on a computer and you frequently shop Amazon, check out camelcamelcamel.com. The website shows you not just what the Amazon price is today, but how much items have cost in the past.

Every item comes charted like a stock market listing. Every hi and low price is shown, so you'll have some idea of the rock bottom price.

Get on Facebook and Like some retailers, especially small businesses. Some stores will post Facebook specials.

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