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Dry districts drying up small business

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Voters in one McCracken County precinct will decide next week if they want to allow alcohol sales there. The county approved the election for Dec. 8.

The special election is only for voters in the Hendron 3 precinct, which is home to about 530 voters. Back in September, a small business owner turned in 120 signatures on a petition in favor for beer and wine sales in the precinct.

A majority of McCracken County's precincts are dry, but business owners in Hendron's dry 3 precinct say when their competition only three miles away is in a wet precinct, it's drying up their business.

T Mart convenience store owner Eddie Pindher sells alcohol. He says selling alcohol isn't the key to his small business success; it's  catering to his customers. "It's basically convenience is what the customers looking for," he says.

That's why three miles down the road in Hendron 3 precinct, Doran's Deli owner Nicole Doran says she's at a disadvantage. "If you don't give them what they want, they're not going to support you," she says. "And that's the problem we have here."

Doran says people want more than candy and soda. She says alcohol would sell, and she would be able to brand her deli as a neighborhood hangout spot again.

Doran's biggest fear is people not getting to the polls because, without the vote to go wet, Doran says she's that much closer to going out of business.

People in the neighborhood seem to be split down the middle on the vote. In order for the vote to pass, there needs to be a simple majority.

The county clerk's office says the whole county is not wet because there just hasn't been a county-wide petition for McCracken County. The petition would need about 3,500 valid signatures.

The vote will be from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 8 at Hendron-Lone Oak Elementary.

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