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Video gadget gift ideas for Christmas

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If you have someone on your shopping list who's into video, two gadgets may make them smile.

Smartphone video is high quality, but the video doesn't look quite as good as it could be if it's shaky.

The Staybl Cam is a successful Kickstarter project that raised some $125,000 to bring the smartphone stabilizer to the market. The stabilizer is easy to use and does not need counterweights and adjustments to make it work.

There is an adapter that fits smartphones of different sizes, and an attachment for a GoPro camera. The Staybl Cam eliminates shakes even while walking. It's available now for around $75.

Dashcams are gaining popularity in the United States after videos of car accidents in Russia. Dashcams range in price, starting at around $80. Higher priced cameras are also equipped with GPS and turn­-by-­turn directions, and may also include a camera for the rear of the vehicle.

Most also record the time of day and speed the vehicle is moving. The cameras all record video to an SD card and begin recording when the vehicle starts. Drivers can save video, but if they choose, a dash cam will re­write new video the next time the vehicle is started.

Many insurance companies are now accepting video from dash cameras in their investigations into claims.

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