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Humane Society adjusting after changeover

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McCracken County Humane Society workers say they are working out the kinks. The Humane Society took over as the county's sole animal care center the end of October.

Marcia Thatcher sent us a message on Facebook asking us to follow up on this story, especially with the dogs in outside kennels this winter.

Goliath's wagged his tail at the Humane Society for a month, but Tim Usher and his wife want to give him a different home. Usher says they've seen shelters from all over the area, and can always tell if the animals are neglected. He says the barking says it all.

"They're all happy. You can tell because you can't hear anything," Usher says.

Humane Society Director Terry Vannerson says her workload has doubled, but the Humane Society continues to follow federal guidelines for animals that are kept both inside and out. She says they keep them out of the elements, which is the most important, by turning their outside igloos away from the wind and adding extra blankets.

The Humane Society isn't done with upgrades. A new intake area is for any animal that comes in from outside. They assess every animal in house and spay and neuter.

Vannerson says it's been a challenge, but she's proud of the more than 60 adoptions since the changeover.

"It's just finding our groove, and cleaning, and moving the dogs, and making sure they're all vetted," Vannerson says.

As for Goliath, Usher and his wife will be back tomorrow, so he has one more night.

Vannerson says they vaccinate all animals that come into the Humane Society. She says they work with seven vets in the area.

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