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More arrests in Graves County theft ring, deputies urge you to learn from them

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You should shop with caution this holiday season.  That’s what Graves County sheriff’s deputies are urging you to do as they continue their investigation to a recent string of thefts. In total, there have been 7 arrested in a string of theft all relating to drugs. Most recently deputies arrested, Keifer Clymer and Chris Crider. Deputies say they tried to sell stolen merchandise to Danny Kirby. A warrant is out for Kirby.

These thefts don’t just happen in Graves County. Detective Steve Halsell says people from multiple counties were taken advantage of. “We recovered a trailer that had been stolen out of Hickman County. We also solved a burglary from a house in Calloway County.”

Halsell says the 7 arrests and outstand warrant, dating back to last weekend, are all related. He calls this a learning opportunity, especially if you buy online. He cautions you to make sure the items up for sale weren’t stolen.

One of the biggest red flags that what you’re buying might be stolen is price. For example, deputies retrieved a stolen John Deer Gator, valued at more than $14,000. It was almost sold for only $2,000.

Another obvious red flag is cosmetic changes. Anything obviously spray painted, after market rims or hub cabs, could all be ploys to alter the appearance and make an item seem not stolen.

We’re told these thefts are also relating to drugs. “Some of the stolen items was swapped for drugs or and money. So, I guess you could say drugs drove a lot of this stealing,” Halsell added. 

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