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Brothers who inherited 30,000 dolls have about 25,000 to get rid of

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There are still close 25,000 dolls left from the Hobgood's doll sale. They're the four men who inherited 30,000 dolls from their late mother Colleen.

Their mother’s last wish was to sell them and split the profits among the four of them.

As Bob Hobgood's gone through the selling process he says he almost wishes his mother had gotten stocks instead.

“A lot, a lot of them are $40 to a $100 that she paid for them, and we are selling them for a whole lot less than that,” Hobgood said.

The mission of selling 30,000 dolls is a family affair. Bob's daughter Tracey Hobgood-Mader is handling the money and keeping track of inventory

“I have a notebook full of names of people that want me to call them when I find specific dolls,” Hobgood-Madersaid. She says it’s been a bonding experience.

“There's a bunch of us here and we have had so much fun going through these dolls. Grandma was a character, all my family is pranksters, and so just pulling pranks on each other, and remembering things about what grandma did, it’s just been a lot of fun,” Hobgood-Mader said.

They still have 1200 boxes to go through with at least 25,000 dolls making for moments to remember mom.

The Hobgood's donated a truckload of dolls to Toys for Tots and plan on donating some more dolls to Local 6’s Spirit of Giving Toy Drive.

They hope to have another sale in March, and are selling some items through their eBay account which is ntxts.

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