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Uncommon tech gifts for Christmas

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Sure, you can wrap up an iPad or video game system for that special someone this Christmas, but how about giving something that isn't so common. 

3D printers aren't quite to the point where they make much sense as a gift, but a 3D pen called the 3Doodler is a fun introduction into the world of plastic printing for kids and adults.

There is no software. You are the 3D printer. The way it works is you put plastic in the back — there are two speeds, fast and slow — and you just start drawing in thin air. Limited only by your imagination, doodlers have created some amazing things. There are hundreds of stencils online from other doodlers. The 3Doodler costs about $100.

If you have someone on your list who takes a lot of photos with their smartphone, Polaroid's zip photo printer is sort of a throwback to the days people actually held photos. It's is about the size of a smartphone.

All I have to do is place the phone on the printer. It will pair, and begin printing with no smudges. The zip printer is around $130.

A remote clicker for your smartphone called the HISY uses bluetooth to connect to the smartphone. 

Those clickers are a necessity for someone who uses a selfie-stick. It's a good Christmas gift for under $15.

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