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Bernie Sanders' campaign suspended from accessing voter database

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Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign is suspended from accessing the voter database. The Democratic National Committee made the move after they learned one of Sanders' staffers accessed Hillary Clinton's confidential voter information. According to Sanders' spokesperson, Michael Briggs, that staffer was immediately fired.

The DNC database keeps the voter information gathered by different campaigns separated by a firewall. The data systems vendor, NGP VAN, dropped the firewall between the campaigns Thursday. Once the DNC learned of the issue, the vendor worked to identify any users who accessed the data and what they did when after accessing the data.

Sanders campaign will remain suspended until it provides the DNC with a full explanation of the episode and provides proof that any accessed data has been discarded.

Michael Briggs says this isn't the first time the firewall has failed. He said his campaign contacted the DNC several months ago when he learned Sanders' campaign data was being made available to other campaigns. He said Sanders' campaign didn't report the incident to the media but relied on assurances from the vendor instead.

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