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The Force is strong with this Star Wars collection

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When it comes to Star Wars toys, Steve Gates isn't ready to grow up. His collection is impressive. You could say, The Force is strong with this one.

"I've got books," says Gates. "I've got records. I have miniatures. Phone cases. Game cases."

A collection well over 500 pieces.

"It's a hobby," says Gates. "I enjoy doing it."

They call him The Toy Man.

Gates started collecting Star Wars figurines and memorabilia 25 years ago.

"Been doing it ever since," says Gates.

Rather than having his collection hidden in a closet somewhere, Gates keep his on display year round for everyone to enjoy.

"You can come in, you can look at it, you can pick it up, you can touch it," says Gates.

No Jedi mind tricks here.

"I trade," says Gates. "I sell. I do buy. This figure here is back from 1977 that I just acquired."

Gates never uses the internet when searching for pieces to add to his collection.

"Every piece I've got, I go out and hunt it down and most of it, believe it or not, is in Paducah but it's fun finding it," says Gates. "That's what makes it fun."

The thrill of the hunt, it's all about.

You can check out Gates' collection at The Shed in Paducah on Irvin Cobb Drive next to Bargain Hunt.

If you'd like to get in contact with Gates, his email is:

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