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Five-year-old grazed by bullet in Cairo, IL

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Two people shot on the same street just 25 hours apart.

It happened in Cairo, Illinois over the weekend.

Cairo Police Chief John Bosecker believes the two incidents are related, but because of the lack of cooperation by the families, they aren't 100 percent sure.

The first shooting happened on Cedar Street, just after midnight on Saturday.

Police say a man in his mid-50s was shot and taken to a nearby hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

The second shooting was in the same area as the first, but this time the victim was a 5-year-old boy.

It happened on Sunday around 1:20 a.m. at 1808 Cedar Street.

Police say the child was in his bedroom when someone outside began shooting at the house.

Police say one of those bullets grazed the 5-year-old.

The child's mother wasn't sure if her son was sleeping when the shooting happened.

His injuries were also non-life threatening.

Police say the shooter is still on the loose, but they don't believe the public is in any danger.

If anyone has information about either shooting, you're asked to call Cairo Police at (618) 734-2131.

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