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Mail carriers deliver more packages this holiday

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The U.S. Postal Service is expected to deliver 30 million packages nationwide on Monday. That's up 10% from last year.

A USPS Delivery supervisor says the Paducah post office had 900 packages to deliver on Monday in the city limits alone. That's compared to 200 packages in the average day.

Christmas is almost here and everyone from regular customers to family pets like Luther are anxious to receive their gifts in time for the holiday.

"Workin' hard right on through, " said letter carrier Brian Valentine.

It's up to Valentine to make these deliveries. He walks about seven miles to do that.

"Christmas is madness and it's getting more so with the parcels," Valentine said. 

Valentine says thanks to the internet, carriers like him are seeing fewer first class letters and more of packages.

"People are shopping online. I did my shopping online, and the postal service is delivering a lot of those parcels," Valentine said.

He had about 70 packages to deliver on Monday on top of letters. All are sorted at this processing center first.

"We bring in extra help, and work longer hours," said Paducah USPS Delivery Supervisor Ryan Godby.

Godby says not to worry. 

"The goal is to get everybody their presents," he said. 

Valentine says he's working extra hard to get your gifts to you on time.

You can still get gifts shipped and delivered by Christmas by paying extra money for for priority mail express service through Wednesday.

UPS expects Tuesday to be the busiest delivery day with 36 million deliveries. FedEx made a record amount of pick-ups last Monday. The U.S. Postal Service will be making deliveries on Christmas day to make sure all packages are delivered on time. 

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