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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin issues five executive orders

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Kentucky governor Matt Bevin issued five executive orders on Tuesday.

These are the first executive orders Bevin has issued since becoming governor.

Marriage licenses in Kentucky will no longer require the name of the County Clerk to appear on the form. A revised marriage license will be issued to all Kentucky County Clerks.

State agencies and vendors who have not raised their employees' minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 will now not have to. State employees who have already gotten their raise will be able to keep it. The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky is questioning this executive order saying that Kentucky law requires the county clerk's name to appear on marriage licenses and that this law cannot be changed by the governor.

There is now a moratorium on hiring for the state and all vacant positions will be reviewed to determine if they are necessary. The order also transfers all oversight of the merit system hiring from the governor's office to the personnel secretary.

Bevin has suspended an executive order put in place by former governor Steve Beshear. Beshear's executive order restored voting rights to non-violent felons who had completed their sentence. Kentucky is one of three states that carries a lifetime voting ban for those convicted of a felony. Bevin said he suspended Beshear's executive order because, "While I have been a vocal supporter of the restoration of rights, for example, it is an issue that must be addressed through the legislature and by the will of the people." The new executive order does not affect anyone who rights have already been restored.

The final executive order gets rid of the Governor's Employee Advisory Council. The council was created to discuss wages, hours, and terms of employment for merit employees. Bevin says he got rid of the council because the governor has no power to extend negotiation and collective bargaining rights to the state employees.

All executive orders go into effect immediately.

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